Daily work reports are crucial for keeping management informed about ongoing projects and office activities. To simplify this task, managers and project leaders often use templates to streamline the reporting process. Templates help employees save time while ensuring essential information is conveyed effectively. With a daily work report template, employees can provide timely updates without the hassle of creating a report from scratch each day.

What is a daily work report?


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A daily work report is a written account of the tasks accomplished by a team or individual throughout the day. It also includes a to-do list for the following day and highlights any encountered problems. Usually submitted at the end of the day, it can also be continuously updated as work progresses. This report serves as a comprehensive record of daily achievements, ensuring clear communication and efficient task management.

What to include in a daily work report

The main component is a list of all the accomplished activities for the day. In the Boardmix template, this part is called Today's Summary. But aside from this, there is plenty of other information that must be included, like the date and time of the report, the name of the project you are working on, and the resources and the budget that was spent during the day.

The next main part of the report would be Tomorrow's Plans. This includes all unfinished tasks that you need to continue for the next day and tasks that were originally scheduled for the following day. Finally, there is also a section where you can list any problems or challenges that were encountered during the day.

Why are daily work reports important?

Daily work reports play a crucial role in enhancing productivity and work efficiency. By keeping managers informed about individual tasks and project progress, these reports facilitate effective monitoring and timely decision-making. They are invaluable in identifying and resolving issues, promoting accountability among employees, and mitigating conflicts arising from communication gaps or inadequate record-keeping. With these reports, teams can stay on track, make informed adjustments, and achieve their goals with greater clarity and coordination.

What can you do with a daily work report?

Although it is a relatively simple list of tasks this report is also a very valuable tool that you can use for many purposes.

Record work content and progress

Listing everything that you have done during the day and seeing the progress that you have made is a great way to motivate yourself to keep doing well in the days to come. Of course, simply having a record of the work done would also prove valuable for many situations.

Remind yourself of unfinished tasks

In the "to-do" section, jot down the tasks planned for the next day. If any work has been initiated but remains unfinished, ensure to include it here. This practice prevents task omission and keeps you right on schedule.

Reflect on work

Taking time to reflect on your work at the end of the day is essential for identifying areas of improvement and celebrating accomplishments. It provides a chance to recognize your efforts and stay motivated for future tasks.

Check work progress and results with your convenience

Consistently maintaining the daily report makes it a dependable project reference. With this record, you can effortlessly review past task outcomes whenever needed, ensuring easy access to valuable historical data.

Daily Work Report Templates in Boardmix

Daily work reports are essential tools used in various professional settings to track the progress of tasks, facilitate communication, and ensure accountability among team members. These reports serve several crucial roles and offer numerous benefits that significantly enhance productivity and project management.

Sales Daily Report Template

Sales daily work report is crucial for sales teams to keep track of daily activities and progress. It typically includes fields for the number of calls or visits made, deals closed, revenue generated, and challenges faced. It may also have sections for noting customer feedback and sales representative's observations.

IT Support Daily Report Template

IT support daily report is useful for IT departments or service providers to record and monitor the number and type of support requests received and resolved, ongoing issues, server status, and other crucial details.

Production Daily Report Template

Production daily work report is essential for manufacturing units to record their daily production details. It covers information like the quantity of goods produced, quality check reports, machine operating time, downtime duration, maintenance activities, and any production-related issues.

How to Use the Daily Work Report Template in Boardmix

The template is a helpful tool to stay organized and focused on your tasks. By adding notes for each item, starting with completed work, listing tomorrow's plans, and highlighting any encountered problems, you can effectively track your progress and ensure you're on top of your daily responsibilities. This systematic approach allows for better time management and increased productivity.

1. Sign in to your Boardmix account or create a new account if you don't have one already.


2. Once you're signed in, click on the "New Board" button to create a new board specifically for your weekly team meeting agenda.


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3. Give your board a descriptive title that indicates it is for your weekly team meetings, such as "Daily Work Report Template - [Date Range]".

4. Customize each card by adding relevant details, descriptions, and attachments. This will help provide more context and information for everyday work content.

5. Share the board with your team members to collaborate and contribute to the agenda. Boardmix allows you to invite specific team members or generate a shareable link for broader access.


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FAQ about the daily work report

What is the purpose of the daily work report?

The report's purpose is to record completed work, monitor employee performance, update stakeholders on project progress, and identify and resolve problems.

How often should a daily work report be submitted?

As the name implies, a daily work report should ideally be submitted at the end of each workday. However, in some workplaces, it might be submitted every week or as deemed necessary by management.

Do remote workers need to submit daily work reports?

Yes, daily work reports are especially useful for remote workers as they provide a clear way to communicate what they have been working on, thereby ensuring transparency and maintaining productivity levels.

Can a daily work report be used for performance evaluation?

Yes, over time, daily work reports can provide valuable data for performance evaluations as they provide documented proof of an employee's tasks, achievements, challenges, and overall progress.

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