Whether you own a startup company or a large-scale business, one of the ways to secure investors is to use an executive summary template. An executive summary must be short and sweet, and it has to be comprehensive. Using templates saves you the hassle of deciding what to include in your summary. Read through this article to learn more.

What is an executive summary?

An executive summary shows the significant points from more prominent and complex reports. The template makes a brief so it becomes a digestible document. It gives the reader a precise grasp of the project plan, the scope, the problem the project aims to solve, OKRs, cost breakdowns, and more.

The summary's length depends on the complexity of your project. However, the good rule is to imagine your executive summary template as a section instead of a full-length paper. The summary is a concise, attention-grabbing document vital to your business plan. When formulated correctly, it ensures better results in keeping your company ahead of the competition.

What to include in your executive summary?

An executive summary template generally has five essential points a creator must cover. See the list below.

  • Project description.It would help if you got your reader's attention in this section of your executive summary template. Limit your sentences to 2 to 3, summarizing your project and the purpose.
  • The issue you're trying to solve.You must provide the reason you're making such a product or service. Use this part of your executive summary template to present why target markets need the solution.
  • Market analysis.This is where you'll state your target market or audience, your research, and other data supporting why the product or service will succeed.
  • The process. You need not go into the specific details of the workflow. On your executive summary template, ensure to describe the resources, workforce, time, and budget required to make the project possible.
  • Future steps and projections.Present how the reader can gain from your proposition. Including the following steps to achieve the project's goal might also be beneficial.

How to write an executive summary?

With technology today, you can maximize the use of an executive summary online. Boardmix lets you use a blank whiteboard so you can organize your summary. Templates are available, so you only need to fill in the sections required for your executive summary. Consider some steps in writing the summary.

  • Tell your company's story.This does not mean you need a full-length narration on your executive summary template. You only need to provide an overview of your company, what you do, and why you do such business.
  • Highlight significant data.These data may include statistics from a competitor analysis, a basic introduction of the target market, goals, and ways to achieve them.
  • Consider your tone. Avoid presenting personal opinions. You can instead focus on providing evidence and facts. Aim for simplicity and clarity.
  • Avoid clichés.Clichés might convey the wrong message; an executive summary is not storytelling. Embrace the unique identity of your brand.

FAQs about executive summary

How long should an executive summary be?

Your executive summary template must be 1-4 pages at maximum. Some companies can even write several paragraphs. Of course, it must only range between 1 and 4 pages for complex and bigger companies.

What not to do in an executive summary?

The first rule of writing an executive summary is to avoid wordy content. Never copy and paste information; instead, use data from your research. Most importantly, don't get too technical.

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