While virtual gaming has been the trend among kids today, you can create alternative games for them that are interactive and allow the young ones to be more proactive. A virtual scavenger hunt template can be your option to let kids be more active even when doing it virtually. 

What is a scavenger hunt?

A scavenger hunt is a fun game where participants compete to see who collects the most items from a list. The game organizer generally is tasked to list specific things or objects, some of which are unusual. This can include ticket stubs, a Christmas card, a pair of red socks, or coins from a specific year. 

Besides the ‘hidden items’ the players must find, a scavenger hunt game can also include special rules like you cannot purchase the things on the list, or you might need to take a photo of the item. The winner of the game is the first team or person who has found all the items on the list. 

What is a virtual scavenger hunt template, and how to use it?

A virtual scavenger hunt template works like the remote version of the scavenger hunt game, where participants scramble to find specific items or complete challenges before time expires. For example, the players might have to retrieve their favorite pillow or take a selfie outside to earn points. The goal of the template is to have fun and promote engagement among the participants. 

Tips & Tricks

Some virtual scavenger hunt ideas you can use when formulating your template would be making an alphabet scavenger hunt chart by writing one letter for each box. The players must find something that starts with specific letters. Since you’re doing it virtually, they can take photos of these items, and the first one to accomplish everything wins. 

If your participants are older kids or young adults, remember to take the difficulty level of the scavenger hunt template higher. This means you can list items that can be hard to find. 


Can I edit my scavenger hunt template online?

Yes. To create your template, you can use diagramming software, which is generally available online. It allows you to customize colors and themes and add images or special characters. 

Does a scavenger hunt always have a time limit?

Some game organizers impose time limits for the game. However, if you have more time to spare, you can choose not to. It depends on how you want the virtual scavenger hunt to be.

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