If you're looking for an icebreaker, using two truths and a lie template will be your best option. They're generally popular among human resource professionals, but the use of this template has also broadened. 

What is the two truths and a lie?

Two Truths and a Lie is a group-based interactive game you can play with colleagues or friends. You'll bond with your teammates by using two truths and a lie template. As you get to know them, each team member will have a sense of belongingness which can increase productivity and better communication. Most virtual charts today allow game organizers to customize two truths and a lie template easily. You can even perform the game virtually. 

When to use two truths and a lie?

The game promotes engagement and improves connections among team members in a company or organization. Here are a few scenarios where you can use the two truths and a lie template. 

●      Group introductions. Getting to know the new team members better will be more fun and unique, with two truths and a lie. You'll learn more about the newcomers' likes and dislikes, which is an excellent way to start building connections. 

●      Getting to know the candidates better. As mentioned, your human resource department can use two truths and a lie template to gain relevant insights about the candidate and have fun. 

●      Off-site activities. The template can also be beneficial to let members interact with others outside their working spaces. 

How to play two truths and a lie?

You can follow the simple guide below to perform two truths and a lie. 

  1. Gather the participants. 
  2. Once you have all the participants, ask them to formulate statements about themselves. Ensure that each member has three statements. You can use two truths and a lie template online to perform the game remotely. 
  3. As one participant reads out loud all three statements, the rest of the members must listen and guess which among the phrases is the lie. 

Two Truths and a Lie for FAQ

What to say for two truths and a lie?

The trick is to use the 'I statements' to make it more believable to your audience. For example, you can write 'I have three siblings' or 'I speak multiple languages.'

Can kids also use two truths and a lie template?

Yes. It's a multi-purpose template, so you can use it during kids' activities to get to know their peers better. 

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