About the Value Proposition Canvas Template

Explanation of Value Proposition

Products and services are not launched every day by companies without studying the possible feedback they will get from target customers. Some might get positive reviews, while others may not. This is why most companies will do thorough research about their target customers so they can understand them better.

Customers' needs can be more complex than you expect them to be. Businesses need to map these needs out, including the things they want to cover and prioritize. Most organizations do this systematically using a value proposition. This way, you’ll have the right service and product solutions you can offer to your target market.

Importance of Value Proposition Canvas

Creating a value proposition canvas allows companies to have a method of influencing the customers' decision-making. In fact, it is even an excellent tool to drive sales and build a solid customer base. If created excellently, the value proposition canvas can improve the effectiveness of a business's marketing strategies. Remember not to confuse value propositions with catchphrases and slogans, as they are two different aspects of marketing strategies.

Purpose of the Article

As you continue reading this article, you will learn how the value proposition canvas works in businesses and the elements that come with the strategy. This diagram might look simple to some; however, developing a compelling value proposition canvas template takes some brainstorming, research, and more discussions. Read along.

What is Value Proposition Canvas?

Definition and Explanation of Value Proposition Canvas

In its simplest form, the value proposition is a marketing instrument focusing on understanding the target market's problems and developing services and products that solve their concerns. Marketing experts always advise businesses to spend ample time and effort crafting their value proposition canvas template since it will also be the basis for all marketing, sales, and product development initiatives.

Explanation of its Two Components: Customer Profile and Value Map

Your value proposition canvas template will have two main components. A customer profile involves the description of your target market segment for a product or service. You must include their demographics, psychographic traits, buying habits, and decision-making processes. Meanwhile, the value map is another budding block in the template, which is used to analyze the different components of a service or product, creating value for the target audience.

Customer Profile

Description of Customer Segment

You must address three main points to complete the customer profile segment. These elements let your team think from an end-user POV when defining tasks, desires, and challenges they will have.

Customer Jobs

Jobs include all tasks your customers are trying to solve. These jobs may consist of anything customers are trying to do, a problem being solved, a task being completed, or any other need they want to satisfy. Generally, the job sections can be functional, emotional, or social.

Customer Pains

These are all the elements that stop your target market from completing their jobs. Most businesses refer to this section as the roadblock our customers must face. They can also include negative results that your customers opt to avoid. This phase lets your team discover problems from a customer's perspective.

Customer Gains

The gains include all the positive desires and experiences customers opt to achieve. They can be existential or ordinary. Remember that the gain in this diagram is not the opposite of pain; instead, they are elements that encourage customers to adopt products and services.

Value Map

Description of Product/Service Offerings

This is another building block in your value proposition canvas template where you will list the features, services, and products your business will provide. Focus on the essential features and products that help target customers complete their jobs.

Products/Services Pain Relievers

As this section's name suggests, your team must focus on how your product or service will ease your customers' pain. The inputs here must be relevant to the pains in the customer profile. Generating questions as a gauge to answer this section will be helpful for concise and clear statements.

Products/Services Gain Creators

Here lie the answers to how your products add value to your target market. You can list all the possibilities which offer something new or boosts the user experience. A few essential questions can also come in handy as your guide to answering this section.

Products/Services Fit with Customer Needs

These are all the products and services which relieve pains and create gains and ultimately promote the creation of value for your target audience.

Benefits of Using Value Proposition Canvas

Understanding of Customer Needs

While plotting the value proposition canvas template, you can collect information about your target customers and their actual needs. Along the way, you will better grasp how your customer reacts to specific situations.

Identification of Pain Points and Solutions

The good thing about a value proposition canvas template is that it presents your customer's concerns so your team can create appropriate solutions for them. It could be an arduous process, but the diagram also ensures better product or service development.

Clearer Value Proposition and Competitive Advantage

Your team will create a more specific value proposition as you plot the template. This will set you apart from other companies giving you a competitive edge.

Better Product/Service Development

As a result, your company will have better results during the service or product development stage. It is a customer-driven product solution, so the likelihood of positive customer feedback is higher. Ultimately, your company will have better sales revenue.

How to Use Value Proposition Canvas

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Value Proposition Canvas

There are some essential steps that you must consider as you create the value proposition canvas template. Some companies might have to follow more efforts to develop an excellent diagram, but the list below will also help you.

  • Know your target customers. Not all customers are the same. This is why you have a target market segment: you must familiarize yourself with your target customers. You cannot create an excellent chart without this.
  • Understand the costs and benefits. It also pays to acknowledge the benefits of your products and services to your target market and company. Furthermore, the cost of creating these products will also matter.
  • Take note of your competitors. Monitoring your other businesses with similar target markets as yours is also necessary. You are using the value proposition canvas template to improve your business and gain a competitive edge.
  • The design will matter. Various excellent diagramming software today allows your team to create a visually appealing diagram. For efficient collaboration, you can choose those that would enable editing remotely.

Reviewing and Refining Value Proposition Canvas

Your team must also discuss whether the proposition value canvas template has all the essential points before implementing your strategy. There might be sections where you must revise when necessary. Most importantly, the final output must be agreed upon among your team.

Implementing Changes and Testing

The good thing about a value proposition canvas template created digitally is that authorized members can edit it whenever possible. As you test the proposition, it is also essential to note the outcome - good or bad. This way, your company can also assess whether to change the strategy, stick with the original plan, and proceed with the implementation.

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