You're familiar with the bubble map, but it's your time to read about a double bubble map. Technically, they're both the same and different in various distinct ways. When you look at a double bubble map, there are two sets of bubble maps. This is because it's a map that compares and contrasts concepts and things.

What is a double bubble map?


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A double bubble map is a visual tool usually used by teachers to educate their students about the differences and similarities of various ideas. It's also a valuable template for students as they can construct the concepts of two different variables in an organized manner. 

The double bubble map is placed side-by-side, which serves as a thinking map and is essential for ideation. This graphic organizer boosts creativity so you can gather your thoughts and make solutions to existing issues. 

When to use a double bubble map?

You can work on a double bubble map when faced with situations including the following:

  • Organizing information. Complex topics can be understood easily when using a double-bubble map. It organizes and visually represents details to see the central topic's logic. The map presents the differences and similarities and illustrates relationships among the items at the same time.
  • Compare and contrast. The main goal of using a double bubble map is to compare and contrast two concepts or things. It's an efficient tool to identify parallels between two things. In the classroom, students can use the map to compare science and math concepts.
  • Generating ideas. The double bubble map is also helpful in brainstorming sessions like a bubble map. Professionals can use the map to explore marketing techniques and new strategies. You can come up with fresh ideas and compare them using the map to know which is more beneficial to the organization.

Benefits of using a double bubble map template

Here are some reasons why a double bubble map template is advantageous for any individual or organization.

  • It lets you create justified comparisons. You're making your job easier with a double bubble map template. It does not only highlight comparisons, but it allows you to have a visual illustration of which areas two things are different and similar. This simplifies complex and vague ideas.
  • The map is flexible. Students from any educational level can benefit from the double bubble map template. They can include as many bubbles as they want and expand the map to visualize complex details.
  • It improves an individual's comprehension. As much as they're used in different fields and situations, the double bubble map template is an excellent learning tool for students. They can understand ideas and compare their details to digest and understand the topic better. At the same time, teachers also use this map as they can effectively explain topics and get immediate feedback from students.
  • You can focus on the main idea. The two main bubbles at the center of the map represent the main idea which lets your audience quickly understand and compare the elements in the map. While you may be looking out for the smaller bubbles in the map, the template keeps the main idea steady, so it's easy to relate it to the supporting details in the map.

Double Bubble Map Templates

Double Bubble Map Example -01

The first double bubble map example that we are going to see can be used in an art class. For this example, we will compare cubism and surrealism in our double bubble map creator. As you can see, these two are both art movements; they both became prominent at the beginning of the 20th century, and both tend towards abstraction. Apart from these, we can add cubism’s characteristics in that it uses multiple perspectives, geometric shapes, and a monochromatic palette. On the flip side, surrealism’s characteristics are that it uses strange imagery, weird juxtapositions, symbolism, and dream-like images.


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Double Bubble Map Example -02

The next double bubble map example comes from a science class as it will compare stars and planets. From the graph, we see that the similarities between the two are that they are both celestial bodies, they are both visible in the night sky, they both have a hot core, and they are both big masses of gas and dust. Then, in the double bubble map creator, we add that the stars emit their light and they consist of mostly hydrogen, helium, and other light elements. The planets, on the other hand, don’t emit their light, orbit around stars, and consist of heavier elements.


Double Bubble Map Example -03

Another double bubble map example that we are going to see will be useful in a history class. In this double-bubble graphic organizer, we are comparing Greece and Rome. As you can see from the map, these two empires were both located in the Mediterranean Sea, they both laid the foundations of modern law and democracy, and they had rich art. The main characteristics of Greece are that it consisted of city-states, it created direct democracy, and its most prominent building is the Parthenon. The characteristics of Rome are that it was an empire, it had developed a representative democracy system, and its most prominent building was the Colosseum.


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Double Bubble Map Example -04

The next double bubble map example comes from biology as it compares mammals and reptiles. Both main ideas of the double bubble graphic organizer are connected to their similarities, which are that they use a complex nervous system, they both breathe through the lungs, and they go through sexual reproduction. Their differences include that the mammals are warm-blooded and are covered in hairs, while the reptiles are cold-blooded and are covered with scales.


How to use the double bubble map template in Boardmix

The best way to create a double bubble map template is through online diagramming software. There are pre-built templates where you only need to fill in the bubbles to analyze the concepts involved. Look closely at the steps below to know how it's done in Boardmix.

Visual representation of data has become a norm in today's data-driven world, and bubble maps play a significant role in it. A bubble map offers a visually appealing way to display complex, multi-dimensional data. Boardmix, a well-renowned corporate management solution provider, offers an excellent template for creating bubble maps. Here's a detailed guide on how to make a bubble map using the Boardmix template.

Step 1: Gather Your Data

The first step in creating a double bubble map is gathering and organizing your data. For a double bubble map, you typically need data for at least three variables - the x-axis, y-axis, and the size of the bubbles. If you wish to add a fourth dimension to your map, you'll need another variable to denote bubble color.


Step 2: Access the Boardmix Bubble Map Template

After gathering and preparing your data, access the Boardmix platform and locate the bubble map template. The user-friendly interface of Boardmix makes it easy to find and select templates. Choose the Double Bubble Map template from the selection.


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Step 3: Input Your Data

Once you've selected the bubble map template, it's time to input your data. You can do this by manually entering the values into the corresponding fields. Ensure that you've matched the right variables with the correct dimensions - x-axis, y-axis, bubble size, and (if applicable) bubble color.


Step 4: Customize Your Bubble Map

After feeding in your data, it's time to customize your map to match your requirements. You can adjust the sizes of the bubbles, choose different color schemes, and customize the labels for clarity and aesthetic appeal. Boardmix allows you to tweak several aspects of your map to best represent your data.

Step 5: Share Your Bubble Map

Finally, share your bubble map with other stakeholders. Boardmix allows you to share files via a link with specialized permission. In this way, you can work with others in real-time and update the file regularly.


By using the Boardmix template, you can create a sophisticated, clear, and insightful bubble map with relative ease. This tool allows you to explore trends, relationships, and patterns in your data visually, making it easier to draw conclusions and make informed decisions. Just sign up and give it a try!

FAQs about double bubble map

What type of graphic organizer is a double bubble map?

A double bubble map is an educational graphic organizer useful for students and teachers to compare and contrast ideas, events, places, people, and characters.

What is the difference between a Venn diagram and a double bubble map?

Venn diagrams and double bubble maps are similar as they're used to compare and contrast situations. The difference lies in how they used the circles. You will see overlapping circles in the Venn diagram to represent similarities. Meanwhile, a double bubble map template uses parallel circles for the main ideas and smaller circles for compare and contrast points.

What is the difference between a bubble map and a double bubble map?